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Thread: Constitution guarantees gun rights for people, not militia

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    Postak Constitution guarantees gun rights for people, not militia

    Niccolo Machiavelli said of the Swiss that they were "the most free and most armed people" of Europe. Get it? The connection between arms and freedom?


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    yeah, those guys ARE SERIOUS. Their air defense force has only a miniscule airspace within which to practice aerial drills, but they are BADASS!!!They are prepared
    ..from the same poeple that brought you the Swiss army knife, because when I go into combat I REALLY need a wine bottle opener!!!!LOL

    I still carry a grudge against that sountry for their role in WW2. They WERE NOT NEUTRAL, no country in europe truly was. The swiss traded currency with the reichsbanks and dealt in precious metal trading as well. They also manufactured parts for the Luftwaffe.
    Perhaps that Nazi juggernaut would've run them over, like poland if they did not cooperate?

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