Hunters Can`t Blame Landowners, Missouri Supreme Court Says
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Thread: Hunters Can`t Blame Landowners, Missouri Supreme Court Says

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    Postak Hunters Can`t Blame Landowners, Missouri Supreme Court Says

    When Missouri landowners give people free access to their land, they are immune to any suits filed over injuries or deaths on the property, the state Supreme Court decided Tuesday.


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    The land owners should of told the hunters that there other hunters out there as good common sence. I don't think that they should get sued over the actions of another though. The hunter who decided to shoot at a sound with out identifing his target is the one to blame. It suprising that he only got a hunting license suspension for 5 years.
    I stopped shotgun deer hunting where I'm from years ago because of the idiots out there. I still bow,pistol and muzzle loader hunt with my relatives as there usually isn't as many hunter out for those seasons. A few years back I was visiting my uncle during a january pistol deer season when he told me about a pair of doctors that he had allowed to hunt his land for the regular shotgun season. On opening day my uncle saw them driving down the road headed into town and asked them how they did. They told him that they didn't see anything but got a couple of "sound shots" early this morning. Puzzled at what a "sound shot" was my uncle asked. They told him its where you hear a deer running through the woods and shoot where you think it is. My uncle asked them how they know its a deer and not another hunter hurring to their stand, right before he told them to leave and never return. You would think a doctor should know better.

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