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Thread: Important Florida Firearm Poll: Make Your Voice Heard in the Online Poll on

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    Postak Important Florida Firearm Poll: Make Your Voice Heard in the Online Poll on

    Use the following link to participate in the poll:


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    WOW, 87% voting "yes"
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    90% now

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    Of interest in that story was what the sheriff of Orlando said.
    "We don't write a report unless a crime is involved." B.S.
    Every time an officer responds there is some type of paperwork somewhere.
    Here is the way it works. Police are getting pressure not to record crimes.
    Why. Because it makes there cities and communities look bad.
    Each year the FBI comes out with a crime report based on a per 100,000 persons living in the city. So many crimes per 100,000.
    Tourists read these reports. Investors and prospetive home owners read these reports. No one want's to go to a city with a high crime rate. So the police are encouraged "NOT" to report crimes.
    I live just north of Orlando. The freaking crime there is out of control. I'm sure just like many other major cities.
    Think Disney is telling the Sheriff not to report those crimes. HMMM
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