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    The District government appears to be headed for disaster as it prepares to craft policies to regulate handgun registration and licensing in response to the Supreme Court`s decision declaring unconstitutional the city`s absolute ban.


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    How many more years will go by before all these little "bits and pieces" are litigated and counter-litigated?

    They will drag this through the court system for so long that it will be possibly decades before these citizens can effectively exercise their rights. In the mean time good people will be killed, raped, and maimed needlessly.

    The cretins standing in the way need to be charged and convicted of civil rights violations and sent to PRISON. That is the only way to set an effective example to stop future abuses (or an armed mob hanging civil rights violators).

    Kick 'em in the nutz!!

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    Agreed! This is the entire point!!! They want to make gun ownership SO distasteful and confusing that even THEY cannot tell who has them anymore.
    Woah unto the person in the district that ACTUALLY shoots someone that threatens their life in THEIR own home.
    The district prosecutor will go after the homeowner with a VENGEANCE.
    Another point- Lets not allow ANYONE to own a semi auto 9mm(quite possibly the most well known round to novice gun owners)
    BUT we WILL allow them to defend their home with a .50 cal revolver?!?!?!?!??
    "F" the district of cloumbia. With stupid-ass laws like this, no wonder our nation is so ass- backwards now.

    If this were me, and I had to use it to defend my home-god forbid that there was collateral damage or some innocent neighbor was harmed with my hand artillery while defending my home and my life.
    I'd SUE the district, blaming the fact that I HAD TO USE such a powerful weapon because something more reasonble was not allowed.ROTFL
    LOL, this could go on forever...

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