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Thread: Anti-Hunting Ballot Initiative Being Circulated for Signatures in North Dakota!

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    Postak Anti-Hunting Ballot Initiative Being Circulated for Signatures in North Dakota!

    North Dakota sportsmen should be aware that a group cleverly calling itself North Dakota Hunters for Fair Chase is circulating petitions for signatures to place an anti-hunting initiative on the 2008 General Election ballot. Make sure that you and your family and friends do not contribute to this misleading, anti-freedom effort by signing these petitions!


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    Damn. I always wanted to go phesant hunting in the Dakotas.
    I went up to Wisconson a few years ago and there were so many Deer they were getting some kind of wasting disease.
    We have more black bear in Florida than we have people. I drove to Daytona yesterday and the wild turkeys were lining the roads.
    Wild hogs are all over the damn place. My neighbor feeds the wild turkeys that hang in her yard all day.
    The damn alligators have a limited season down here and they got a little hungry during the drought and started eating everyone poodles. Running out of poodles they decided people would be a better snack.
    Maybe I should invite these anti hunters down here for a little swim. I know where a 13 footer is that would love to talk to them.
    Now there introducing Panthers to our National Forest to control the animal population. Oh and our coyote population is exploding. Now we got them in our neighborhood eating everyones cats. "Where is my little tabby?" In a coyotes belly yah friggen idot.
    These are the same friggen idiots who didn't want the mountain lions hurt in California. The FWC said if they are not controlled they are going to start attacking people and pets.
    Guess what. They were correct. "Oh my little Fido got ate by the big kitty" Will you do something.
    Same with Florida here. The damn gators got so thick we had 7 human deaths by gator attack two years ago. 2 deaths within a few miles of my house.
    The trappers had to kill about 50 gators between here and the bridge 2 miles south of here. Nobody could stick there foot in the water.
    These anti hunters don't understand there is limited space for man and animal to co exist. There the same people who bought condos and took up the space the animals used to habitat.
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    Anti-Hunting Ballot Initiative Being Circulated for Signatures in North Dakota!-gators-012.jpg  

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