Going After Crimes -- and Criminalsâ Guns
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Thread: Going After Crimes -- and Criminalsâ Guns

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    Postak Going After Crimes -- and Criminalsâ Guns

    The Supreme Court`s Second Amendment decision in June that struck down restrictions on individual gun ownership caused city officials nationwide to worry that they could see an increase in gun violence. It also renewed interest in Richmond`s efforts to combat it. The city has already reduced firearm-related violence dramatically. It has done so not by making gun purchases more difficult -- Virginia is one of the easiest places to legally buy a handgun -- but by severely punishing all gun crimes, including those as minor as illegal possession.


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    I'm not sure if I agree with the logic, but there may be a correlation between the two.

    that's like saying that since I started carrying this rock in my pocket, that I am keeping bears away.
    BUT-Richmond IS on the right track, SEVERLY punish gun crimes, no matter how minor.
    Make examples of those that shrug off firearms laws.

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