W.Va. examines gun laws after Supreme Court ruling
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Thread: W.Va. examines gun laws after Supreme Court ruling

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    Postak W.Va. examines gun laws after Supreme Court ruling

    A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down as unconstitutional a citywide handgun ban in Washington, D.C., has at least one West Virginia city tweaking its law.


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    W.Va. examines gun laws after Supreme Court ruling

    MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (AP) -- A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down as unconstitutional a citywide handgun ban in Washington, D.C., has at least one West Virginia city tweaking its law.

    Martinsburg City Manager Mark Baldwin says the Eastern Panhandle city needs to clarify that its ban applies only to city buildings, not city streets and sidewalks.

    Martinsburg officials decided to revisit the issue after the Supreme Court ruled June 26 that the ban in the nation's capital violated the Second Amendment, which guarantees the right to have guns for self-defense.

    In Washington, the D.C. Council quickly amended its law to allow residents to keep handguns, but only for self defense -- at home unloaded and disassembled, or equipped with trigger locks.

    In Charleston, the West Virginia Citizens Defense League (anti-gun slugs of the first order) is urging the city council to align its gun law with the state's, but has met a cool reception from Mayor Danny Jones and at least one city council member.

    Charleston has limited handgun purchases to one a month since 1993, when the capital city was rocked by a series of deadly shootings. The city also bans weapons on city property.

    Jones said he's not interested in changing the law, but "if someone else wants to take it up, they can.''

    Last month, Ranson City Council, also in the Eastern Panhandle, indefinitely tabled a proposal to prohibit guns at city parks, saying it was too vague. The council discussed the idea after concerns were raised about a man who legally carried a gun to the Charles C. Marcus Field, where children play. (the usual leftard cry "it's for the children". Geez, how long are they going to milk that tag line.)

    There is a three-day waiting period for gun purchases in West Virginia (a little misleading. The 3 day wait is for hangun purchases only), and guns are banned from all federal government property, law enforcement offices, jails, county courthouses and schools.

    Anyone age 21 or over who passes a background check and takes a gun training course is eligible for a concealed weapons permit. (and the local papers are happy to print the names of all permit recipients.)


    The paper this was printed in, Charleston Daily mail, is a left leaning rag. As you can see, de-spinning required with every mouthful.
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    the laws aint too bad here in WVA.... im only about 2 mins away from there.
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    As Vice President of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League, I feel compelled to address the comment inserted into the AP article that we are "Anti-Gun slugs of the worst order." I do not know where the poster is getting this information. Clearly they are terribly mis-informed.

    Our president, Jim Mullins, and myself, are solely responsible for the striking of the first private-property carry ban to be enacted by the West Virginia legislature. Jim and I were the only ones present at the House Judiciary committee, speaking against the legislative carry ban on West Virginia racetrack and casino property.

    Additionally, we also were the sole opponents lobbying against a concealed handgun permit fee increase in the last session. West Virginia is already 300% above neighbouring shall-issue states in terms of our fees. This increase was buried in a provision to increase WVDNR pay rates.

    I spent my evening last Monday with Jim and a half a dozen other WVCDL members speaking to the Charleston City council about striking their city property carry prohibitions, one hand gun per month restriction, and three day wait prohibition that is unique to the state of West Virginia. This is something we've been working on for a couple of months now. Charleston and Dunbar are the only municipalities in the state that were legislatively grandfathered as exempt from the state's firearms pre-emption law. Charleston's city property carry bans/ordinances are an enforcement minefield that most residents (and CCW permit holders) are not aware of. In fact, I have yet to meet a Charleston resident or CCW permit holder anywhere who is even aware of Charleston's bans. If you're interested in reading more about this, it is being discussed here.

    Additionally, we were heavily involved in convincing the City of Ranson, WV to drop their proposed ban. Jim and I, along with members of the WVCDL, the NRA, and our friends to the south, the Virginia Citizens Defense League, packed the tiny Ranson city hall to discuss, and thank them for tabling their proposed ban.

    We are also currently ratcheting up pressure on the City of Martinsburg to address their illegal city property carry ban. Martinsburg is not one of the two cities grandfathered in the state's pre-emption law.

    You can read about our extensive list of pro Second Amendment accomplishments on our website here: http://www.wvcdl.org/accomplishments.html

    If anyone on this forum can read that, read this AP article supporting my statements, read the Gazette's recent commentary on our pro Second Amendment activities, and come to the conclusion that we are "anti gun slugs of the worst order" I'm not sure what to tell you. I assume that you've run into some very bad information somewhere.

    In fact, we would love to have you as active members, helping us champion firearms rights here in the state of West Virginia.

    Any of you may contact me directly via my WVCDL email: kmorgan at wvcdl dot org.

    I will happily answer any questions you have about our positions, our accomplishments, and our pro-gun agenda for the state of West Virginia.

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