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Thread: Perry says school districts should decide own gun rules

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    Postak Perry says school districts should decide own gun rules

    Gov. Rick Perry said Monday that local school districts should be able to decide whether to allow concealed weapons on their campuses.


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    i'm from the UK and about 11 years ago a madman went loose in a primary school (4-9 year olds) killed 11 children, this led to the handgun ban in the UK.If these laws had been around in the UK would this have been prevented? Guns dont kill peope, we have a strict procedure to get a firarms cert in the UK and anyone who fails to meet these standards fails. If a few normal people fail through what ever circumstances prevail, is that not a small price to pay to stop maybe one nutter doing the same. Gun crime has risen 100x since this ban and all it proves is that people who want to kill will do so what ever, all these so called protection laws do is stop law abiding citizents enjoying a hobbie and at the end of the day shooting guns, pistol, rifle, target or distance is fun!!!!

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