Bill proposed to strengthen right to use deadly force against intruders
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Thread: Bill proposed to strengthen right to use deadly force against intruders

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    Postak Bill proposed to strengthen right to use deadly force against intruders

    A state lawmaker wants Nevada to adopt a legal doctrine strengthening a homeowner`s right to use deadly force to protect someone`s life from an intruder.


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    Post Good.

    They passed a similar law here in Florida.
    The courts were being tied up with home invaders suing, car thieves suing, muggers suing, armed robbers suing.

    Florida's old law was, if you had a means of escape you had to take it. This left the courts with all kinds of confusion. Now you can defend your home and loved ones.
    This, of course, has not brought on a rash of "shoot out in the O.K. Coral" type gun action the antis had prayed for.
    It has freed up the courts to rationalize, that if someone is breaking into your home, you have a rite, not to run, but defend your home and loved ones.
    But common sense must still prevail. Much to the dismay of the anti gun crowd.
    Kind of interesting how you read about people with a CCW doing the correct thing at the correct time.
    God Bless Florida for leading the way on this.
    Hey Heller. God Bless you too for trying to get the antis to understand what we know down here in Florida.
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    I think that if you are commiting a violent crime and end up injured or killed, you (or your family) should have no right to sue anyone for anything.

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