Arrest at Obama rally sparks gun rights debate
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Thread: Arrest at Obama rally sparks gun rights debate

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    Postak Arrest at Obama rally sparks gun rights debate

    John Noble said heās openly worn a handgun while attending the annual Maple Syrup Festival in Bradys Run Park. Heās worn it to a Bridgewater book signing. The Industry man said heās never been confronted by police over his habit of wearing a holstered pistol on his waist ā that is until Aug. 29. Nobleās arrest at the Barack Obama campaign rally at Beaverās Irvine Park has raised questions about gun rights.


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    Did anyone read the comments section after the article?, my favorite was the one who wrote"what if your wife and kids were walking through a mall and everyone there was openly carrying, how safe would you feel then" I don't know, maybe I'm wrong but,in a mall were everyone is openly carrying, especially within earshot of a cry for help from my wife, I don't think a criminal would get too far with her purse! If OUR candidates have to put up with a bunch of drag queens and homo's openly protesting for gay rights and throwing it in our faces at OUR political rallies,then the guy should be able to carry his legal gun. It wasn't even the same park! That pansy who went crying to the cops should be beaten with a tree branch from the tree he was probably hugging at the time!
    I hope that guy sues bigtime and uses the money to buy a solid gold 1911 to flaunt,that's what I would do! O.K. maybe a Hi-power or a sig saur, because I'm a big fan of the S.A.S.
    BUT you get my point!

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