Out West, Obama Faces Gun Battle
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Thread: Out West, Obama Faces Gun Battle

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    Postak Out West, Obama Faces Gun Battle

    Barack Obama has let slip what he would like to do if he could: "Even if I wanted to take it away, I couldnāt get it done. I donāt have the votes in Congress." Make no mistake about it, the real Barack Obama is a threat to our Second Amendment rights.


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    If anyone has any doubts about what whould happen here (West), they should read Mark Spungin's book, "Neither Predator, Nor Prey".

    Multiply that by 10 and you will see what the "Anointed One" will be facing.

    The one big factor that many forget is that a few western states provide over 20% of this countries energy, coal, gas, and oil. Mess with us and your playing with "fire".
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