Democrats don't have a shot with pro-gun voters
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Thread: Democrats don't have a shot with pro-gun voters

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    Postak Democrats don't have a shot with pro-gun voters

    Breaking up is so hard to do. Judging from the Democratic Party platform, remarks from presidential nominee Barack Obama and his selection of anti-gun Sen. Joseph Biden as a running mate, the long, transparent courtship of gun owners by Democrats is over.


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    A couple days ago I received a phone call from somebody trying to promote a democratic congressman, I proceeded to give him a hard time. My first problem, is that I have just opened my shop up, and 90% of my phone calls are random telemarketers and sales calls, that I have no desire to answer. When I see a local number, it makes me think I may have a call worth answering. So this guy calls me at work, I answer "Koonce Custom Gunworks" and he didn't get the clue. He proceeded to tell me about his Democratic candidate. I ask him "do you know you are calling a gun shop?", he apologizes and tells me to have a nice day. So I stop him, "well you called me, tell me how he stands on the second amendment issues". He has no idea. So I tell him "shouldn't you know a little about him, if you really believe in voting for him? and shouldn't you guess by the name of the business you are calling that I don't vote democratic?" well he says he should and that he is sorry again for wasting my time.

    Is it just me, or do democrats just have a tendency of failing to employ logic and basic reasoning skills?

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