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    Sorry to rain on your parade guy's, but it's not just the liberals that are stripping away our rights. Have you heard of the Brady bill? If the CIA was to read all of the rhetoric on this blog about killing government officials would they label you as a terrorist? That would give them the "right" to imprison you indefinitely without any trial. It would at the very least give them the right to monitor your phone conversations without a warrant. These are all very recent rights which most Americans willingly gave away because we were "under attack". We need to stop blaming one party or another and tell them ALL we are sick of it!! "Divide and conquer!" That's what both party's are attempting here.

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    Anyone who had a classical education in liberal arts, history, and such would easily recognize that any crisis is very good - for government. War allows a government to grow. Crisis response, be it a Wall Street panic, a natural disaster, or terrorism, allows government to grow. It is like a slowly growing tumor, relentlessly and patiently expanding and crowding out healthy tissue - in this case, individual liberty. Doesn't matter which party is in power - government will grow.

    The Faustian bargain is that any time a person wants something from the government, that person gives up some liberty in exchange. It used to be that people were educated enough to understand this. Now? The answer is obvious.
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