`Joe the Plumber` strikes back at media
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Thread: `Joe the Plumber` strikes back at media

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    Postak `Joe the Plumber` strikes back at media

    "Joe the Plumber" is lashing out at the media for analyzing his personal life since he suddenly became a focal point of the presidential race last week. "You know, when you can`t ask a question of your leaders anymore, that gets scary," he said.


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    Just a preview of those that oppose "The One"
    Constitution Or Bust
    Ron Paul 2012

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    Well, plumbers do tend to be good at realizing when something's full of crap.

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    Post Joe 08.

    Joe is learning how the left wing commie media blows everything out of proportion.
    Oh fox last night he must have said a hundred times. "I don't care if Obumbo is giving me a tax cut. I don't want too see the person who worked hard to build a company and have to give his money to some slug who is sitting home on welfare."
    I think Joe is speaking for all hard working Americans.
    Interesting how it took Russia 80yrs to figure out communism does not work. Yet if this ape gets in we are about to become a communist society.
    The few companies we have left in America will pack up and head to greener pastures.
    Coastie is correct. Maybe this guy is the Anti-Christ.
    "Man needs but two things to survive alone in the woods. A blow up female doll and his trusty old AK-47" - Thomas Jefferson 1781

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