Party City to pay $500K for toy guns
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Thread: Party City to pay $500K for toy guns

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    Postak Party City to pay $500K for toy guns

    Showing just how obsessed New York City has become in their opposition to firearms, they have imposed a half-million dollar fine on a retail chain, not for selling firearms illegally, but for selling toy guns that are not brightly colored enough.


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    Wow! if they put half the effort into fighting real crime as as they do in snatching up toys their crime rates would plummet.

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    Post Interesting.

    The law about the toy guns has to be one of the dumbest on the books.
    I fully understand where a Police Officer would be horrified to find out he killed some little kid with a toy gun.
    But all it takes is a can of black spray paint and the orange on the toy gun disappears.
    As that was the companies SECOND offense, I don't think they were so innocent in there actions.
    Sales must have been brisk for them to so easily have paid that fine.
    I'm sure on the first fine and warning the powers that be sat them down and explained what they wanted the company to do.
    They chose money over the law so sorry about there luck.
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