Woman plans lawsuit in gun case
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Thread: Woman plans lawsuit in gun case

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    Postak Woman plans lawsuit in gun case

    Meleanie Hain's attorney says the Lebanon woman has endured the ridicule of neighbors and lost baby sitting jobs since she achieved notoriety for openly, and legally, carrying a gun to her 5 year old daughter's soccer game.


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    DeLeo revoked Hain's permit under the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act, which gives sheriffs the right to deny permits to anyone "whose character and reputation is such that the individual would be likely to act in a dangerous manner to public safety."

    Hain openly carried, legally, to a soccer game. This makes her "likely to act in a dangerous manner to public safety"? HITH did the Sheriff jump to that ludicrous conclusion? Hope Hain wins a HUGE settlement.
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    This is Hipocracy! If this were the case, there are ALOT of Sherrifs and LEO's in that town that could be removed from duty. I'm sure that , when off duty, these guys have had a few "beverages" and gotten rowdy at a football game?

    I hope that she gets the full backing of the NRA lawyers on retainer!!!

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