Florida: More people packing heat
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Thread: Florida: More people packing heat

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    Postak Florida: More people packing heat

    Right now, more than a half million people in Florida have a concealed weapons permit. That's a 50% jump from three years ago, according to the Department of Agriculture. More than 23,000 of those people are in Jacksonville.


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    With 11 armed robberies in Jacksonville this past weekend, I can understand why.
    City Gripped By Rash Of Armed Robberies - Jacksonville News Story - WJXT Jacksonville
    "If a nation expects to remain ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." - Thomas Jefferson

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    I like the feel of my pistols weight everywhere I go.

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    Orlando Crime Statistics (FL) - CityRating.com

    Orlando just south of me is getting a little wild also.
    Florida is a fairly good on gun rites state.
    But I am starting to feel a little better with the election of Pres. Obama.
    Once he is in office, I plan on turning in all my weapons and certainly hope others do the same.
    This, I feel, will certainly deter any future criminal activity in our beautiful Sunshine State.
    "Man needs but two things to survive alone in the woods. A blow up female doll and his trusty old AK-47" - Thomas Jefferson 1781

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