Update on Pending âOne-Gun-A-Monthâ Bill in New Jersey!
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Thread: Update on Pending âOne-Gun-A-Monthâ Bill in New Jersey!

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    Postak Update on Pending âOne-Gun-A-Monthâ Bill in New Jersey!

    In a surprise move last night, the New Jersey State Senate declined to take up scheduled action on S1774, so-called "one-gun-a-month" legislation.


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    Post Lawyers were praying that bill went through.

    How could Guberment limit legal sale of any legal product. That would have made New Jersey our first official communist state.
    What the hell would be next. You can only buy one umbrella, you can only have one male child.
    Was not New Jersey the state that passed a law some years ago where it was illegal for restaurants to sell under cooked eggs.
    I don't even understand the states that passed the Hi Cap Mag laws. Who the hell are they to tell anyone how many rounds they can put in a magazine?
    For hunting I could understand the legality of limiting rounds for sporting purposes. But if I want to load up a 100 round drum and go to the range, who the hell are they to tell me I can't do it.
    In a free market country, if Guberment starts limiting what we can and cannot purchase we have just gone commie.
    First the Guberment opens the border flood gates for all to enter. Now MS-13 is going wild up there and there going to punish the sheep.
    I am positive that law would have stopped crime in N.J. the day after it was passed.
    "Man needs but two things to survive alone in the woods. A blow up female doll and his trusty old AK-47" - Thomas Jefferson 1781

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