Firearms prohibitionists take their meddling to peopleās living rooms
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Thread: Firearms prohibitionists take their meddling to peopleās living rooms

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    Postak Firearms prohibitionists take their meddling to peopleās living rooms

    A week before Minnesotaās firearm deer season I visited my 86-year-old father. He regaled me with an entertaining stream of tales from his 70 years as a deer hunter in the north woods. He lamented his failing eyesight and then rose from his ancient recliner and went to the closet where he keeps his guns. He took out a battered old case and handed it me. āI want you to have this.ā.


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    ok I followed the links and the story seems to not go anywhere but ends with '' I want you to have this'' Did I miss something?????

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    Local view: Firearms prohibitionists take their meddling to people?s living rooms | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota

    Yeah I hate these post where you are linked to the NRA and then you still have to go to the source website. Gunco should just put the final link in his post. I do appreciate the articles though just hate all the stuff in between.

    nevermind, I just found out why he doesn't link them directly..... It won't let you. you get the registration page for the newspaper.

    The article is about how under the guise of "closing the gunshow loophole" new preposed legislation would make it illegal to sell or give any firearm without a background check being run. So the grandfather just giving his old deer rifle to his grandson would make him a felon.
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