Permit holding gun owners don't threaten parks
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Thread: Permit holding gun owners don't threaten parks

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    Postak Permit holding gun owners don't threaten parks

    Nobody could expect gun control advocates to like rules that make it easier to carry concealed weapons. It's just not in their DNA.But the reaction by some opponents of a U.S. Interior Department rule allowing concealed weapons permit holders to carry in national parks is just out of touch with reality.


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    Sen. Dianne Feinstein wrote in a an Op-Ed that "park visitors expect a safe and enjoyable experience - not loaded guns and stray bullets."

    Isn't she a permit holder... I say that she should be the first to surrender her permit then talk all she wants about Gun Control. Hypocrite!


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    Thumbs up Wow Mark your correct.

    Dianne Feinstein

    The bitch did have a permit to carry. I guess she got her house shot up and swore she had the rite to defend herself. So she got herself a permit.
    She probably has a half dozen body guards now so she does not need to carry.
    Still wonder if the bitch wants to go camping.
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