Missouri: Firearms courses see surge in signups
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Thread: Missouri: Firearms courses see surge in signups

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    Postak Missouri: Firearms courses see surge in signups

    Local concealed-carry firearms safety courses are booming.Missouri's concealed weapons law became effective Feb. 26, 2004. Among the requirements to apply for a concealed-carry endorsement is completion of an eight-hour firearms safety course.Because of concerns President Obama may try to push for a federal ban on carrying concealed weapons, instructors are seeing a surge of people taking these firearm safety courses.


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    Lets give Obama his due. The economy is in crap shape, everyone is laying off and prospects don't seem to look much better.

    But he sure as hell has spurred the firearms and associated businesses, profits and employment has to be up, all may not be as bad on the firearms front as thought.

    Once the hand wringing and panic buying dies down prices will stabilize and supply will return. During this time period Obama wil be so busy holding his butt he wont have time to think about firearms. We are only 2 weeks into his term and he has already pissed off many of his people, (unions and others). Democrats know it (firearms legislation) is a painful and costly war that they have to carefully fight. We have to remain vigilant and fight every battle, no matter how trivial we think it is. If they feel the fight is too costly they will not approach it. We have elections comming up again in 2010 if we huff and puff loud enough they will be very leary to act. Remember the trouncing the conservatives gave them in the mid 90's, much of it was related to firearms and the democrets have not forgot it. If we raise our voice in unison, they are smart enough to listen. Not because they care for our thoughts, but for their own self preservation.
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