Oregon: Ore. student's suspension renews gun debate
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Thread: Oregon: Ore. student's suspension renews gun debate

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    Postak Oregon: Ore. student's suspension renews gun debate

    Jeffrey Maxwell, 30, of Lebanon was arrested Jan. 28 for possessing a firearm in a public building, but the charge was later dropped by the Polk County district attorney. But Maxwell's suspension from school, which requires him to write a paper and take a mental health evaluation before he can return, has a gun rights lobbying organization and at least two Republican state legislators rallying to his defense.


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    I'm attending a school now with a zero tolerance policy toward weapon possession on campus.

    Though there is no state law denying carrying on campus, the Board of Regents has issued policy with the same effect as law: my scholastic career, and since this is a votech school, professional career would be ruined if I were to carry and be caught. This is in a State with shall-issue CCW and legal open carry laws on the books.

    I feel for Mr. Maxwell, several of us have talked about the perils of personal defense on campus. I feel like a criminal just talking it over with other concerned citizens.
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