What Not To Learn From Europe: More Gun Control
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Thread: What Not To Learn From Europe: More Gun Control

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    Postak What Not To Learn From Europe: More Gun Control

    Inevitably, the massacres in Germany and Alabama over the last two days have produced more calls for gun control. Already the attack in Alabama is being used to call for a new assault weapons ban, even though there are no published academic studies by economists or criminologists showing that the previous ban reduced violent crime.


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    My post from another forum.

    The murder of fifteen students and teachers in a high school in Winnenden Germany today points out the futility of any governments attempt to legislate public safety by enacting strict gun control measures. This is the second such mass killing in Germany by a student since 2002 when 19-year-old Robert Steinhaeuser shot and killed 12 teachers, a secretary, two students and a Police Officer before turning his gun on himself in the Gutenberg high school in Erfurt, in eastern Germany. The German Republic has some of the most restrictive gun ownership laws in the World and they still manage to regularly “out massacre” American lunatics.
    I have a German friend who went through the Hell of multiple applications, background checks, repeated fingerprinting, required gun safety classes, months of waiting, and MASSIVE fees simply to get permission to own a BLANK FIRING REPLICA of a Smith & Wesson revolver which cost him several hundred dollars more than the real thing costs here.
    Unfortunately the fact that gun control does not work ANYWHERE in the World will be lost on some of our elected officials who will probably, if history is a guide, try to ram an “emergency” gun control measure through Congress under the guise of protecting innocent people from “crazed gunmen.”
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