U.S. Senator Defends American Gun Owners‚Again
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Thread: U.S. Senator Defends American Gun Owners‚Again

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    Postak U.S. Senator Defends American Gun Owners‚Again

    As reported above, and in last week‚s Grassroots Alert, the attempt to blame America‚s lawful gun owners and its gun laws for the horrific violent acts of Mexican drug cartels continues, spurred on by Secretary of State Clinton and her foray south of the border.Fortunately, gun owners do have some advocates in congress.


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    Its crazy today. I cant believe that we have people in our own government that want to eventually destroy it. What rights are certain to anyone without the enforcement of the Second Amendment. Once that's gone they take what ever rights they feel is necessary to keep that big government in power to enslave us all. People today think that this sort of thing couldn't happen in today's world. If this does eventually happen it will be a rude awakening to a lot of koolaid drinkers.

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