Ammunition Sales Restrictions Moving Forward in California
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Thread: Ammunition Sales Restrictions Moving Forward in California

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    Postak Ammunition Sales Restrictions Moving Forward in California

    Yesterday, the Assembly Committee on Public Safety considered two bills of great concern to Californiaās law-abiding gun owners.


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    To all fellow residents in the PRK realize the members of the Assembly will send you a nice reply telling you they don't monitor their email because of the volume, but use their web page for comments and they will receive them. Just another way to avoid having to listen to the people and do what they're told instead of pursuing their own agenda.

    List of all California Assembly members: Assembly Member List

    List of all California Senators: Senate Member List

    If I could find all the fax numbers I'd publish those too.

    ADDED: Fax numbers available if you go to each member/senator's contact page.

    I'm not a good writer like MarkP, but here's my template:


    Honorable Mr/Ms <name>,

    I urge you in the strongest terms possible to not support AB 962, which would limit handgun ammunition an individual could purchase to 50 rounds per month. I also urge you to actively oppose any ill thought legislation that would only affect law abiding citizens and do nothing to lower crime.

    Any person who owns a handgun and is acting in a responsible manner will shoot more than this at a shooting range to maintain their skills proficiency. This bill, if enacted, would make that impossible. It would also make it impossible for a person that belongs to a shooting club to purchase enough ammunition for practice and competition shooting.

    If you are interested in lowering the crime rate, I suggest you concentrate on: enforcing the existing laws, enact laws that take the soft sentencing option away from judges so convicted criminals are not back on the street in short time, enforce the immigration laws by catching and deporting all the MS-13 gang members and other criminals in this state illegally.

    I abhor the deaths of the four police officers in Oakland recently. The person whom committed this crime, 26-year-old Lovelle Mixon, had an extensive criminal history. At the time of the shooting, he was in violation of parole for assault with a deadly weapon. You don't, or won't enforce the laws already on the books. All this restriction would accomplish is to affect the law abiding citizen. Criminals such as Lovelle Mixon will find a way to acquire weapons until you allow the police to arrest the criminals, allow prosecutors and judges the ability of strong sentencing, and deporting those that are here illegally AFTER they have served their sentence.

    Imposing this artificial limit on law abiding citizens is tantamount to requiring fingerprints and restricting gasoline purchases to 10 gallons per purchase because one person filled up their gasoline tank with 20 gallons, drove 300 miles and crashed into a building of someone s/he was angry with.

    Since the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court has ruled in Nordyke v. King that the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution is incorporated via the 14th Amendment, I'm certain the state of California does not wish to infringe ["The encroachment, breach, or violation of a right, law, regulation, or contract."] on the rights of it's citizens.

    I look forward to your reply in this matter.

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    Yes! that sound fair for a State that does not abide by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. Given any real opportunity I would leave this God forsaken State! How can this even be proposed?
    Indifference to Evil is Evil!

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    Awww, thanks... I suck at writing, just ask my professors in my Ph.D. program, they rip me a new ass all the time... but all that angst and anger about my writing makes me boil and shred when it comes time to write political letters.


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