Florida: 'Castle doctrine' protects right to self-defense
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Thread: Florida: 'Castle doctrine' protects right to self-defense

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    Postak Florida: 'Castle doctrine' protects right to self-defense

    Laws vary from state to state, and Florida has one of the country's more liberal approaches. Florida law doesn't require residents to retreat before shooting home burglars. The provision, known as the "castle doctrine," is thought to have originated in English common law rules and the notion that "one's home is one castle," according to a Connecticut General Assembly attorney.


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    Post Yes...

    The law IS working down here in the Sunshine State.
    Prior to the activation of this law if you had a means of escape you "HAD" to take it.
    This meant if someone broke into your house, you had to retreat out an exit door.
    The courts were literally getting tied up by people using there weapons in a self defense mode. Defenders were actually getting sued, and loosing for trying to defend themselves.
    Lawyers were taking the cases too court and would you believe winning. This being because the poor thieves and muggers said they were innocent victims.
    The defenders should have run away and left there goods for the thieves.
    This law die NOT give an open door policy, as the antis would have had us believe, on shootouts at the O.K. corral.
    I hope other states learn from Florida. No longer do we have to be sheep ready for the slaughter.
    No more running.
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    It's a good common sense law.
    "If a nation expects to remain ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." - Thomas Jefferson

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