U.S. gun owners wary of Obama at NRA convention
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Thread: U.S. gun owners wary of Obama at NRA convention

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    Postak U.S. gun owners wary of Obama at NRA convention

    Thousands of U.S. gun owners gathering in Phoenix for the National Rifle Association's convention have one target firmly in their sights: any attempt to curb gun rights by the new guys in Washington.


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    "The NRA has been an intimidating foe for Democrats in the past. But despite a call to action by the NRA, the political risk to Obama from this vocal and committed lobby is lower than in recent years, analysts say."

    Scary, BUT I read the exact opposite of this just a few weeks ago. Stating that NO democrat would be willing to spend their "political capital" on a renewal of the AWB, citing the political fallout from the LAST AWB under Clinton...ALSO that the NRA recently got a few dems in their corner and fended off Eric Holder a month or so ago, and got the Attention of the administration, telling Holder to back off of the issue...

    I suppose that we shall just have to wait and see..?

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