Castle Doctrine Reform Bill Signed into Law in the Volunteer State!
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Thread: Castle Doctrine Reform Bill Signed into Law in the Volunteer State!

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    Postak Castle Doctrine Reform Bill Signed into Law in the Volunteer State!

    On Wednesday, May 13 Governor Phil Bredesen (D) signed House Bill 70 into law.


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    Post Good News..

    Good to see other states are following Florida in the "no retreat" law..
    Prior to the laws passing you literally had to "run away" if you were getting attacked.
    If someone was breaking into your front door you were supposed to run out your back door and call the police.
    Someone tossed a brick through your car window and you were supposed to floor your car and get out of Dodge while they were trying to grab your wives
    In other words if a prosecutor or the D.A. thought you could have or should have, run away and you did not. You could be tried for murder. Or if the perpetrator lived "he could literally sue you."
    Again when this law was passed down here in "Gun friendly Florida" the antis started screaming there usual wail of the "wild west shoot out days are coming."
    Again they were sadly wrong.
    This law does not give someone the rite to open fire on a person trespassing on your property, or other such nonsense the antis claimed.
    What it did was free up the court system of "nonsense" law suits. Which was the main objective of the laws passing.
    When I first got my Concealed Carry Permit they gave me a card with a strong warning, that If I had a means of escape and did not take it and hurt someone. I was in for trouble.
    Common sense must still prevail.
    But no longer do I have to run when someone is trying to jam a knife in my head.
    I cant run. I am 60yrs old with bad legs. Yup sorry Mr. bad guy. We aint running no mo.
    "Man needs but two things to survive alone in the woods. A blow up female doll and his trusty old AK-47" - Thomas Jefferson 1781

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