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Thread: Wisconsin: Wildlife officials consider limiting types of guns hunters may use

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    Postak Wisconsin: Wildlife officials consider limiting types of guns hunters may use

    The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board is considering a rule that would restrict the types of guns hunters may use.Right now, hunters can legally use firearms including airguns, handguns and guns fired from the shoulder.


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    The Wisconsin Conservation Congress fears that definition of legal firearms could allow hunters to use new, untested technology, such as electromagnetic weapons.
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    If airguns are legal, why in the hell do they worry about EM weapons. Too much time on somebody's hands and too much desire to control others if you ask me.
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    Were these aholes drunk when they thought this up? Last I thought you couldn't get EM rail guns down at the local gander mountain anyway. Aren't they also about the size of a small building and use lots of electricity? Why not also add in lazer guided bombs and artilery while they're at it. What do you want to bet that they'll also add in ar15's aks', M1A's and every other evil non sporting firearm in their eyes.

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