Missouri: More exercising right-to-carry
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Thread: Missouri: More exercising right-to-carry

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    Postak Missouri: More exercising right-to-carry

    In 2008, many Mid-Missourians purchased guns in fear of stricter gun control by newly elected President Barack Obama. This year, gun dealers say Mid-Missourians are again flocking to the gun racks in order to protect themselves. Also, applications to conceal and carry a firearm have nearly doubled in both Hallsville and Ashland.


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    It is of interest that Hallsville and Ashland are both about the same distance from Columbia. Ashland also is about mid way between Columbia and Jefferson City. I live about 90 miles from Columbia, but if I lived closer I would never leave the house without a weapon... I guess that is nothing new as I never do anyways.
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    Do you have a meth problem there? It is all around in the SE. corner of Kansas.
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