Canada: Toronto police sweep homes for firearms
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Thread: Canada: Toronto police sweep homes for firearms

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    Postak Canada: Toronto police sweep homes for firearms

    They used to be legal firearms, but now they're either unregistered or outright banned, and they're wanted by police before there's a chance burglars put them in Toronto's underground and underworld markets. Since March 1, Project Safe City swept 400 unregistered weapons 150 of them handguns from homes throughout the city. No charges were filed. Police are reviewing thousands of gun ownership files to determine which weapons have lapsed registrations and which are now banned.


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    I wonder what Probable Cause they used. Yes officer I used to have 22 rifle, but I gave it to my son 8 years ago. I think he sold it at a Fruit Stand that had problems with rats in this garden. Yes Officer we know about the new gun rules, ten's of millions of dollars spent and no lowering of crime like in Britain. I here the States are throwing around money like that. You want to search my house, thats ok but be advised my wife had the flu and we don't know what type it is, why not come back next week- cough cough I might have it to.

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    Coming to a Theater near you!
    Freedom is not free. Some will perish to preserve it for the many. Just as our Forefathers did before us, we must take up the battle and not waver. Victory is our only option.

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    Wonder if they kicked in Lucky Piares door up in Hudson Bay and asked for his weapons.
    Canada opened it's doors for every immigrant who said they wanted political asylum.
    Now they have a crime problem, Haaa haaa Haa.
    What the hell is going on up there.
    We keep looking south at Mexico's problems. rbthntr64 and Frogman brought out good points. Were getting sandwiched here in America by anti gun countries.
    When Canada first started the gun registration B.S. they got swamped.
    I read a story where people, pro gun activists, lined up at Police stations in masses to register there weapons.
    They overwhelmed the powers that be and it cost Canada millions in the first week alone for the registration program.
    Should not have opened your door for all those illegals "Oh Canada." Hay.
    How do you like em now. Hay.
    "Man needs but two things to survive alone in the woods. A blow up female doll and his trusty old AK-47" - Thomas Jefferson 1781

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    My eyes have been opened! Not registering a firearm makes it easier for a criminal to steal it! The Toronto chief said so!
    I have a daughter. I tell her, "911 is what you dial after you're raped. 1911 is what you should have before they try."

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    So let me get this right, if I ever registered my gun, that makes it easier for the Government to steal it.

    If I don't register it, it makes it more desirable for a criminal to steal it.

    Hmmmmm, let me thing about this "choice." Who is more likely to steal my gun, the government who KNOWS about my gun, where I live, and has the resources to force me to surrender it, or the thief who doesn't know if I have a gun, doesn't have the combination to my safe, and has reason to fear me should I catch him in the act?

    Thanks, but I'll take my chances with the "Thief" that can't legally kick down my door. Unfortunately, I have capitulated and registered my short barreled rifle in accordance with the law. I cringe every time I think about my NFA weapon being registered to me, and what does that say about our government. Yes, I am stupid... I play by the rules because I am a law abiding citizen. I question the wisdom in doing so.


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