Virginia: Roanoke police actions spark lawsuit
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Thread: Virginia: Roanoke police actions spark lawsuit

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    Postak Virginia: Roanoke police actions spark lawsuit

    A Roanoke man is suing city police over an altercation with officers that he said began as an argument about his permit to carry a concealed firearm.Aaron A. Stevenson filed a lawsuit Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Roanoke alleging that his constitutional rights were violated during a May 6 traffic stop. He named two officers, Chief Joe Gaskins and the city as defendants.


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    Damn.Maybe I need to move.In Ohio,you must promply inform any LEO that you have a CCW and your weapon is with you.Been to court twice on that.
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    Stupid. If you have a CHP, it will show up when they run your DL in this state. Virginia has no requirement to notify, so just assume the guy is carrying. I'm not really sure why the guy would refuse to answer that question, some take the "never talk to the cops" thing a bit too far. Personally, I always notify... and have never gotten a ticket since I started carrying.

    The Roanoke Times is also extremely anti-2A and will always slant an article in a manner to make a gun owner look like a jerk. We had a major to-do with them a while back when they posted the entire state CHP list on their website as a searchable database.

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    like it or not the cops cant force you to talk to them .if thay stop you and ask were you are going or coming from you don't have to answer it is none of there business ,how ever if you live in a state were you have to disclose if your carrying then you have to tell them that much

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