Microstamping is not a panacea to crime
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Thread: Microstamping is not a panacea to crime

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    Postak Microstamping is not a panacea to crime

    The June 14 column by Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings, state Sen. Daniel Squadron, and Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh calling on the state Senate to adopt microstamping legislation was rife with misinformation. Microstamping is presented as some sort of panacea to curbing gun related crime, but it is flawed technology at best, with limited or no potential for crime solving.


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    I'm from Vt and I see daily news from N.Y. stations, if your not familuar with the Albany NY mode of operation there whole system is "flawed" they can't get anything done there! Just watch the news from that area and you'll agree. They can take the most simple common sense issue and twist it around so badly, and debated for so long, nothing gets done. Very simular to Washington DC!!!!! It won't do a thing except put vitums of gun thefts in the hot seat! Or worse vitums of over zellous swat teams and law enforcement! Just anouther dumb idea with no merrit.

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