Emily got her gun!
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Thread: Emily got her gun!

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    Postak Emily got her gun!

    I finally got my gun in Washington, D.C. I brought it home today from the District's firearms' registry office.After months of aggravation, hundreds of dollars in fees, countless hours jumping over hurdles, I am now a gun owner and finally exercising my second amendment right to keep arms (bearing arms is still illegal in the nation's capital).


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    So, I just have to say this....Emily is HOT!

    Aside from the obvious, Emily is also a pretty determined and courageous young lady! I fervently hope that my daughters will be as dogged and committed to their own vocations as Emily is to hers. She has my respect, and my support. An her being hot has nothing to do with that.

    You GO Girl!!!!
    Imagine whirled peas

    Peace, Love, And Superior Firepower


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    +1 on Emily Hotness! I was just surprised no one mugged her and took away her nice shiny brand new UNLOADED gun on the subway ride home. Wonder what the paperwork nightmare on that one would be?

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