Mexico lectures U.S. on crime
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Thread: Mexico lectures U.S. on crime

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    Postak Mexico lectures U.S. on crime

    In an attempt to shift blame for drug war-fueled violence, Mexican President Felipe Calderon recently unveiled a 3-ton “No More Weapons!” billboard along Mexico’s border with the U.S.  Reports do not indicate whether a similar sign will be placed at Mexico’s border with Guatemala, which some have estimated 90 percent of the drug cartels’ “heavy armament” passes through.


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    How about we put up a nice sign that says no more drugs pointing back across at them.

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    i think we need to pull a couple divisions from the ME and set them up on the "fence" with STK as the order of the day.

    maybe we need to cut a little of the funding were sending those commies in the mexican government anyway? it looks stupid to borrow $$ from CHINA and give it to mexico JUST to get the shit from them A-holes--

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    I just wonder how many of those "straw" purchasers had Mexican surnames. And that's not racist, it's profiling. (to quote Ron White)

    The send all their poor here ILLEGALLY to buy guns and bitch at us?!?!?!? WFT
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