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Thread: Indiana: State House Gives Final Approval to Critical Castle Doctrine Legislation fo

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    Postak Indiana: State House Gives Final Approval to Critical Castle Doctrine Legislation fo

    Today, by a 74 to 24 vote, the state House of Representatives passed critical Castle Doctrine legislation that would return hundreds of years of common law and civil liberties protections to Hoosiers.  As previously reported, this legislation became necessary after a disastrous state Supreme Court decision last May concluded that public policy did not favor the longstanding and widely recognized right of an individual to resist an illegal trespass by a police officer, a right that had also been recognized by state statute.


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    I'm glade it was done in the lower courts and overturned - The activist court decision created a dangerous carve-out from self-defense rights by prohibiting use of defensive force by a person even in the unlikely case of a violent, unjustified attack by an officer acting completely outside his lawful duties. No one supports our nation's law enforcement officers more strongly than the NRA.
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