Armed pilots our last line of defense
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Thread: Armed pilots our last line of defense

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    Postak Armed pilots our last line of defense

    The FFDO program was instituted by President George W. Bush in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, and was created to be a last line of defense for airplanes facing an attempted terrorist takeover. Through it, pilots who pass the extensive background check, meet the marksmanship demands and survive the physical rigors of testing -- including hand to hand combat -- earn the right to carry a handgun in the cockpit: a handgun they are trained to use to protect that cockpit should a terrorist breach its door.


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    Smile Hell.. Better idea..

    Just give everyone on the damn plane a gun..
    I dont even trust the damn pilots these days. Their even going nuts.
    "Yes yes yes. How old are you. 14. Oh o.k.. You look like you can handle a 9mm. Would you like that son?"
    "Miss you look like a shooter.. Would you like too try our new Ruger .45, packs a hell of a punch?"
    "Next please."
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    Na 4th, just put a pistol in every seat back slot with the emergency card. That way instructions on card (remove safety, point, pull trigger) are there with pistol. Guarantees all passengers are armed.
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    Rig them up like the Oxy masks, pilot hits a switch and everyone gets a nice .38 revolver with Glaser Safety Slugs dropped in their laps. Safe for the plane, and changes the odds a lot.

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