Emergency Powers Legislation Signed into Law in Maine
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Thread: Emergency Powers Legislation Signed into Law in Maine

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    Postak Emergency Powers Legislation Signed into Law in Maine

    On Thursday, April 12, Governor Paul LePage signed another pro-gun bill into law: Legislative Document 1859.  This legislation, “An Act to Protect Firearm Ownership during Times of Emergency,” clarifies that, during any declared state of disaster or emergency, lawfully possessed, used, carried, transferred, transported, stored or displayed firearm or ammunition cannot be seized from law-abiding citizens.


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    I only read what you have posted, but that's +1.

    I like the "transferred" part. Example - Cop sees a guy handing another guy a rifle & ammo, cop asks "what's going on?", man replies "I'm transferring this rifle to my neighbor until this emergency is over"
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    Default Hell..

    I don't think he really had too sign that. But it is good.
    There is more moose in Maine than people..
    Maine is not New Orleans.
    Someone trys too take them boys guns away. I want to watch that, from a distance.
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