Anti-Gunners' Hate Machine in High Gear
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Thread: Anti-Gunners' Hate Machine in High Gear

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    Postak Anti-Gunners' Hate Machine in High Gear

    In April, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney became the presumptive Republican Party nominee to challenge Barack Obama for the presidency, the NRA held its annual convention in St. Louis, Mo., and--right on schedule--Romney's and NRA's opponents hit the internet with a degree of venom that surprises even those of us who have tracked their most outlandish comments over the years.


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    The "More" link displays a "not found" page.

    Go here for the article: NRA-ILA | Anti-Gunners Hate Machine in High Gear

    Reading it, Sarah Brady completely discredits her status as an adult.
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    We'd better get used to it. It's only going to get worst as the elections move closer. But that's OK too, anyone with any common sense will just relize it's just the beginnig in stomping on our Constitunal rights by the left. And hopefully they will relize that it just a precursor to the taking away of other rights in the future.

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