Making a hash of the Second Amendment
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Thread: Making a hash of the Second Amendment

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    Harvard historian Jill Lepore has a piece attacking gun rights in the latest New Yorker, and a follow-up post on the magazine’s website. Most of it is basically what you’d expect: some numbers about gun violence, some horrifying anecdotes about people who’ve misused guns, some reporting from a gun range, some artsy writing (“a gun is a machine made to fire a missile that can bore through flesh”), and an overarching history of the gun-rights movement.More irksome, however, is Lepore’s analysis of the Second Amendment’s meaning. By leaving out or misrepresenting key historical details, she shortchanges the idea that the Second Amendment protects an individual right.


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    Good Lord, so is a bow and arrow, going to be the next bone of contention? Then BB guns, wrist rockets???? Where will the line be drawn? Don't these politicians have something better to do,,,,, HOW ABOUT THE ECONOMY, JOBS ??????? GEZZZZZ!!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Remember folks,,,,when pea shooters are outlawed,,, only outlaws will have pea shooters!!!

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