Canada says tracking global arms sales 'unrealistic'
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Thread: Canada says tracking global arms sales 'unrealistic'

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    Postak Canada says tracking global arms sales 'unrealistic'

    Canada says the United Nations' push for a global agreement to track and control the trade of firearms is "unrealistic," and could result in a costly, ineffective new bureaucracy.


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    Smile Guess who is number one??????????????????????

    So it is that a new report has just emerged, announcing with a sort of drab and bitter capitalistic glee that America is once again the number one weapons dealer in the world. It's true: We sell more guns, more major weaponry, tanks and rocket launchers, fighters and Gatling guns and all sorts of brutal devices specifically designed to destroy human life and induce fear and dread and all manner of sadistic horror, than any other developed nation on the planet. By a long shot.

    America: Arms Dealer to the Stars!
    Who's the number one weapons broker in the world, again? Take a guess?
    America: Arms Dealer to the Stars! | Common Dreams

    While the negro ape in the Black House is concealing F&F, and burning Holders paper work.. Guess who is number one on the Govt. world trade weapons market?
    Good guess, our Government.
    Are you reading this Sarah, you bull dyke bitch..
    Edit: Oh God. I am on the "Do not fly list." After bull dyke Sarah and the Ape in the house read this, I will be on the do not live list.. F#$K them..
    Truth be told.
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    "Man needs but two things to survive alone in the woods. A blow up female doll and his trusty old AK-47" - Thomas Jefferson 1781

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