Four suspects sought in killing of border agent
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Thread: Four suspects sought in killing of border agent

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    Postak Four suspects sought in killing of border agent

    Federal officials in Arizona announced that they were seeking four more suspects in the fatal shooting of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and that the FBI was offering a $1 million reward to track down the fugitives, believed to be in Mexico.The revelations came Monday when federal prosecutors unsealed a grand jury indictment in Tucson that accuses a total of five people in the December 2010 shooting. One is in custody. A sixth defendant, also in custody, is charged with conspiracy related to robbery but not with Terry's death.Authorities said the six were members of a "rip off crew" of Mexican bandits preying on illegal drug couriers in a remote canyon just north of the U.S. Mexico border. Terry and his Border Patrol team happened upon them. He was killed in a firefight that began with U.S. agents firing bean bags and ended with the bandits firing semiautomatic weapons, authorities said. Two of their firearms, both AK 47s, were recovered and traced to the federal Fast and Furious gun tracking operation.


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    Default I got em...

    Nappy Head, Holder, Hitwitlary, and the bull dyke.
    Case solved.
    Show me the money..

    Edit: The family of Special Agent Brian Terry, may God rest his soul in peace, you died a brave Man with a bean bag weapon, the S.O.B.s gave you to defend our border.
    The family just filed a lawsuit against the Govt..
    See the connection. Now the Govt. reacts.
    The guilty are sitting in the Black House.
    They are still shredding paperwork as I type..
    The gun sites will not forget you Agent Terry, nor will the NRA..
    R.I.P. Sir, you were a brave Man.
    Bean bag gun against Govt. delivered weapons, I don't think so.
    Fess up Nappy and you scum up there, you caused this.
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