OK, Let's Debate Gun Control!
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Thread: OK, Let's Debate Gun Control!

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    Last week's horrific crime in Aurora, Colo., has, predictably enough, prompted many leftist politicians and commentators to call for more antigun laws. Actually, that's not quite right. Rather than directly call for more antigun laws, some of them are complaining about the absence of a debate over gun control. Where's the "searching conversation over what rational steps can be taken by individuals, communities and various levels of government to make the recurrence of a comparable tragedy less likely"? the Washington Post's E.J. Dionne wants to know.


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    There is no room for debate, all the gun control that has come about sense the 1968 act has been nothing more that a knee jerk reaction by libs to a non exsistant problem IMO. And the Supreame Court has determined that it's our Constitutional right to own them as long as were not a felon. A non issue.

    This recent incident is unfathonable and truely sad, but it's an isolated incident by a messed up mind,and by far,, not the norm from the firearms community. Crooks that have been let off time after time on charges, on the other hand is getting more common but not to this extent yet. Enforce the laws we have, and put these people in jail where they belong. Don't take steps towards adding more laws that won't be prosicuted anyways. That will do nothing more than to put the rest of us at risk from them, and put the responsible gun owner at risk of prosicution from some feel good law that won't ammount to a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things.

    The gun guys and gals aren't the ones that are going to be going out killing and robbing after all. If that were the case why would crime go down the more people arm themselves? Honestly,,Does anyone think for one moment that someone is going to spend half there life researching, restoring, accesorizing and spend tons of money collecting guns, so they could use them in the commission of a crime??? Why would anybody do that just to go rob a Mom and Pop store for 200 bucks!! That dosen't even make any sense at all!! Consentrate on prosicuting the criminals and get them off the streets so we don't have to worry about takeing our kids to the corner for and ice cream cone or to the movies. It couldn't be more simple.

    Simplistic argument, yes, but it's supported by fact, and any new laws would be only based on conjecture, with no indications that it would do one bit of good otherwise.

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