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Thread: Could proposed UN treaty endanger Americans' gun rights?

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    Postak Could proposed UN treaty endanger Americans' gun rights?

    Could proposed UN treaty endanger American's gun rights?


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    Hell Yes, That opens the door for ALL firearms to be registered in the USA. That would include all Home built and all firearms from FTF purchases. With all firearms needing to be on paper, there would then be the "Firearm Tax" to not burden non gun owning Americans with the cost of this new record keeping (Then again the Govt NEVER taxes people for something they dont use)
    With the Taxes will then be "Extra" tax for multipliers on the number of guns. This will be an attempt to TAX OUT the gun owners and dont forget the Backroom record keeping of who has what.
    My Constitution is from the AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. I swore an oath to defend this land against Foreign invaders, Does this apply ???

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