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Thread: Homeowner defends himself against naked intruder, The Milford Mirror, Milford, Conn.

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    Postak Homeowner defends himself against naked intruder, The Milford Mirror, Milford, Conn.

    A 67-year-old man was at his home in New Haven, Conn. when he heard a suspicious noise. The homeowner went to investigate, first spotting a screen that had been forced open, then a naked intruder. A struggle ensued, during which the homeowner was able to retreat to another floor and retrieve a handgun. The homeowner then went back to confront the criminal and ordered the man to leave. When the home invader refused, another altercation ensued, during which the homeowner shot the criminal in the chest.The home invader was taken to a local hospital where he is listed as in critical condition.


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    Do not leave your home at night in New Haven.
    It has become a massive ghetto..
    Yale University, which owns New Haven, has become a sealed fortress.
    Oh the students are o.k. if they don't wander too far from the center of the city.
    At night, lock-down, get back in the castle.
    Don't believe me, ask Louie..
    Retired Police Commissioner. I grew up with Louie, bit older than me, but knew him from my neighborhood.
    His retirement speech in front of the news cameras..
    "Arm yourself, get a gun, we "The Police" can no longer protect you."
    Went over real nice with the news cameras, cut cut, whoops too late.
    Connecticut, 100% anti gun.
    Just do not leave your home in the cities at night.
    Good shootin Mr. 67 year old Man..
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