Gun sales high following election
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Thread: Gun sales high following election

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    Postak Gun sales high following election

    President Obama's reelection has sent Americans running to the gun stores. Sales of firearms and ammunition are way up in reaction to Mr. Obama saying during the debates he wants to ban everything from "cheap handguns" to common hunting rifles with scary looking features.


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    Smile Guns Salesman of the Year..

    Barrac Hussein Nappy Obamie.. Every gun store down here, if your buying a weapon, get in line..
    People are standing half way across the parking lots.. I am getting phone calls every damn day.. "Where can I buy a gun?"
    How do I know, get in line stupid. You had 8 years to plan for this idiot to possibly win.. Sorry bout your luck.
    "Man needs but two things to survive alone in the woods. A blow up female doll and his trusty old AK-47" - Thomas Jefferson 1781

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    I know what ya mean. I'd seen a Sig AR platform @ wally world and found them to be pretty smooth compaired to most and it had some better features than the run of the mill AR's. So,, of course,, Decided to get one while the getting was good. Not that I really needed another toy ,,,,BUT,,,, Called to see if it was still on stock,,, yup,,, 50 miles later I'm there to get it. Seems the gal at the counter didn't realize it was on hold for someone else and that was the last one,,,,shit. So I order one,, they say 2-3 weeks delivery time,,, a bit long but OK,, ordered,,,,,back home empty handed after 100 mile trip,,,, 4 1/2 weeks later nothing, no clue when coming in???? Check other places and a wally world in Berlin had one, called,,, yup ,,,, 80+ miles later success, back home,,, damn 260 miles of driving and 5 weeks of fucking around just to pick up a normal gun,,, what a pain in the ass !!

    But I'll tell ya It's going to get worse before it gets any better. I was at one of my favorite haunts just getting reloading supply's and I couldn't believe it. This place is usually busy but,,,it was outa control,,extra sales people,, lines at the counter,, 3-4 people deep filling out paperwork all the time I was there,,, and my trips are at least an hour and a half or better long. The place was rocking and my bud Bill, the owner,, said it had been that way for at least the last 3 weeks straight. Poor guy,, ya got to feel bad for him!! He can't even keep up with reordering, he said, and had to hire someone to help out for that part too. I gather he's selling 100+ every day,,,WOW!!!

    Just in the time I was there I saw at least 30 guns go out the door, and a 24' truck pulled in and the whole load was slated for there,,,,and it was pretty full,,, unbeilavible,,, made me drool, they can back up to my door any day !!! I've never seen stuff go out the door so fast,,,, and everything is going at list +++ it seems,, there ain't no dickering anymore,,, it's take the price or leave it,,,, the next guy in line will buy it anyways.

    Any one that don't have what they want by now is going to be in a world of hurt trying to finding what they want,,, and at a decent price ,, that's for damn sure.

    Just a damn shame I lost all of mine in that tragic boating accident!!! OH CHIT !!

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