Michigan handgun sales: Permit to purchase rule may be tossed
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Thread: Michigan handgun sales: Permit to purchase rule may be tossed

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    Postak Michigan handgun sales: Permit to purchase rule may be tossed

    The bill, which has passed the state House and is expected to be voted on in the Senate within the next two weeks, would get rid of the state's requirement that anyone purchasing a handgun who doesn't already have a concealed pistol license must first obtain a permit from a local law enforcement agency.


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    Where I was in NY they changed it to you needed to get a paid in full sales slip with all the info first. After you had that you needed to go to the ONLY permit dept in the County and get the gun put on your permit. AFTER that you could go pick up your gun. Too much Govt in our rights.
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    I agree Pyrotex. I lived in IL up until a few years ago and there you needed to have a FOID (fireams owner IDentification card) in order to own a firearm. You could purchase as many private sales handguns that you wanted with no paperwork other than you were required to keep a record of it for 10 years. When I moved to MI I already had heard of the "safety inspection" registration, but didn't know it went for all sales, dealer or private. Heck I can't even lend a relative or good friend a handgun to go target shooting or hunting as that gun isn't registered to them. Even IL isn't that bad.

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