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Thread: Nevada Department of Wildlife to Consider Ban on Hunting Bear with Dogs

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    Postak Nevada Department of Wildlife to Consider Ban on Hunting Bear with Dogs

    In a move to more closely mirror California's anti-hunting environment, the Nevada Department of Wildlife will be hearing a petition to ban the use of hounds by hunters when bear hunting.  This proposal will be considered by the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners (NVBWC) at its meeting in Reno this Saturday, December 8.  Their agenda and guidelines for public comment can be viewed here (petition details are under 17 and guidelines are under 22).


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    Myself,,,, if your going to hunt,,, ya better know how,,,, without dogs. I don't see any sense of pride or sport in taking a critter that's been treed by dogs,,,,,might as well fish in a barrel IMO. Just as impressive. Can't tell I'm a sportsman ,,,,,can ya ???

    Fair chase for me,,, maybe just the sense of acomplishment for me I guess is what it's all about,,,, not just shooting something. Just like this last week end!!!

    I agree,,,, no dogs,, I'll use my wits.
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    Wow! No this is a problem that needs solving! Call in the EPA or something! Quick, call the White House!


    Is there not some little spotted owl that needs a place to fornicate? Can't they find a smelly little fish that needs more water? Geez!
    Imagine whirled peas

    Peace, Love, And Superior Firepower


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