Obama to send Congress gun proposals in January
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Thread: Obama to send Congress gun proposals in January

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    Postak Obama to send Congress gun proposals in January

    President Barack Obama promised on Wednesday to send Congress broad proposals in January for tightening gun laws.


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    don't believe it yesterday Holder (you know the gun runner) said the dictator and chief can do it by exective order. In my opinion, he will thats the only way he ever gets his way. he appoints Joe (Plugs) Biden, the creator of the 1994 assualt weapons ban to come up with a solution, well what the hell do you thin khe is going to come up with a waterdown version?????

    this is going to get ugly, funny after two days of polls indicating the public wants mental health to be the priority, today the polls are the opposite they want gun control WTF

    like good ole rahm emanuael said " Never let a tragidey go to waste"
    and they are wasting no time

    like the election everything is rigged against us
    Sprat and sprat1 are one and the same.

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    AND SO IT BEGINS-i just had to say it.
    SOON-We already lost the war. You are the resistance.

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