NRA 'disappointed' after Biden meeting
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Thread: NRA 'disappointed' after Biden meeting

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    Postak NRA 'disappointed' after Biden meeting

    Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that he will deliver his recommendations on reducing gun violence to President Barack Obama by Tuesday, perhaps including universal background checks for purchases and forbidding certain types of high-capacity magazines.


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    lol how could they have been anything but disappointed?

    didnt they read his interview saying that if they dont get what they want they are just gonna go the executive order route?

    they didnt sound as prepared as we are used to seeing out of them.... they may have misjudged just how much push its gonna get this time...
    Watching "detractors" devote so much time, effort & resources to get ZERO results = Life on the Net.

    Knowing that it would change nothing on the net if they did succeed... PRICELESS.

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    Biden and the bunch are probing for a sign of weakness.

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    He ll need to get Used to it and he ll be getting more of it, A Slap in the Face

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    the NRA needs to show a little teeth --grow a pair as well.

    these communist we got in the white house today ain't gonna take "NO" as an answer very easy.

    if the NRA has got no spine the 2nd is going to be history along with the rest of our rights!

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